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At Bariank Nest Trust, we aim to empower our clients' ambition in strategic real estate investments. Driven by an unwavering dedication to growth, our team consistently embraces the latest advancements, enabling us to wholeheartedly serve our clients by curating top-tier properties that yield passive income. This proficiency allows us to consistently provide our clients with exceptional outcomes that stand unmatched in the industry.

Our Managing Partners

Bella Gonzalez Cevallos | Managing Partner

Bella Gonzalez, a prominent managing partner at Bariank Nest Trust, has been shaped by a life of determination and resilience. Raised under the guidance of her grandparents, she imbibed invaluable lessons in overcoming challenges from an early age. Her initiation into hard work began at 14 when she actively contributed to her family's well-being in the face of adversity. Working alongside her father on projects involving property flips and renovations, Bella's passion for real estate ignited. Witnessing the transformation of dilapidated houses into cherished family homes brought her immense happiness and solidified her commitment to furthering her expertise in her current role, focused on acquiring multifamily properties.

Valeria Lopez Rivera | Managing Partner

Valeria Lopez Rivera is one of the managing partners of Bariank Nest Trust. She has been helping her family since a very young age, as her family owned various businesses. Now she has partnered to help raise capital and make relationships with investors to help acquire multi families properties in order to help other people live and have a better home.

Our Core Values

Team Work

At Bariank Nest Trust, teamwork is a cornerstone of our core values. This emphasis contributes significantly to our overall business success, sharpening our communication abilities and nurturing greater compassion. This, in turn, enables us to establish a balance within our industry, ultimately delivering our clients precise and optimized results.

Integrity and Transparency

At Bariank Nest Trust, we intertwine integrity and transparency as guiding principles. Operating as an open book, we emphasize honesty, fostering trust among our clients and teams. Our commitment to this approach is evident in consistently delivering timely reports and assessments, a practice that always surpasses our client's expectations. We take pride in our unwavering dedication to exceeding the anticipations of those we serve.


At Bariank Nest Trust, we emphasize innovation, consistently challenging ourselves to venture beyond our comfort zones to acquire fresh knowledge and remain at the forefront of the industry. This dedicated pursuit enables us to uphold our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional client results.


At Bariank Nest Trust, we hold the unwavering persistence of our teams through challenging times and situations in high regard. This quality empowers us to trust our instincts and embrace risks in adversity. Our capacity to persevere and exhibit endurance in overcoming obstacles is vital to our ability to thrive and ultimately achieve resounding success.

Our Advisory Board

Tyler Deveraux


Tyler has been investing in real estate for over 14 years. Today, Tyler controls over 2,500 apartment units throughout five states, nearing $300MM. He sponsors and is a managing operator in new opportunities brought to market.

Todd Millar


With 15 years of Real Estate experience, Todd is a Co-Founder and COO of Multifamily Mindset. This company provides essential education and support for entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills to acquire their properties. Todd is a partner in over 2,000 apartment units with over $200 million in assets under management.

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